This service requires working hand in hand with the photographer to conceptualize and organise your shoot, selecting items, clothing etc, and also advice on photographic approaches, location selection, props, clothing, models, makeup artists, photographers, hair stylists and the overall look for your shoot. We liaise with fashion designers, retailers, model agencies, personal trainers, media e.t.c.

This service covers styling for photo shoots, fashion magazines, published editorial features, print or television advertising campaigns, music videos, concert performances etc

Here, we put pieces of a designer’s collection together, creating a flip through that would be both appealing, enticing and informative to their customer base. We will satisfy questions such as how to wear, what to wear it with, what accessories to pair with, where to wear it to and so forth.

Here we work with you based on your personality, lifestyle, appearance, behaviour, body language and more. This service stretches to executives, on-air-personalities, job seekers, stay-at-home mums, beauty pageant contestants, and anyone else looking for a confidence boost. We would put you through how to present yourself in the way you want to be perceived.

With this, we create a vision for your personal style and bring it to life. Together we will review your closet and discuss your lifestyle, budget and needs. We come up with a ‘style vision’ and direction for moving forward, creating a detailed list of recommended items to spice up your style. The services we offer are for any one irrespective of your location, age and budget. We believe that feeling confident about your personal style and body image is an absolute necessity regardless of your budget or lifestyle. We advice you on new fashion trends, colours and makeup that suit you and your personality. We concern ourselves with you and the image you would like to portray.

We recommend outfit designs for different occasions keeping in mind your body type, colour preference, personal style and silhouette. We also go further to recommend a suitable tailor/designer who will deliver appropriately.

Ultimately, our goal here is to offer our clients unique styling tips for each season, maximizing wardrobe choices so that you never feel like you have nothing to wear. Every woman deserves to look and feel their very best everyday and as such, we attend to women from all walks of life. From tackling wardrobe woes to finding that one perfect outfit or starting from scratch with a new capsule wardrobe. We cater to all shapes and sizes, budgets and lifestyles to help complete your transformation.

We begin your bridal styling with a consultation affording us an opportunity to get to know your style preference, choosing the appropriate color palette for your wedding theme.

Subsequently, we help you get the perfect outfits and ensure that you look and feel most beautiful for your court, traditional and white ceremonies.

We customize your shopping itinerary based on your personal style and budget and make all the appointments, from finding “The Dress,” accessories, to the last fitting

This service provides you with the perfect outfit for your next big event. Together we discuss the specifics of your event and create an ideal look.
We shop for your basic requirement including shoes, accessories and the entire ensemble. If required, we meet you at your preferred location to try on items pre-selected or we deliver to your home.

We identify trends, gauge fits and develop looks that work for you. We would take care of your shopping errands whether for an entirely new wardrobe or for specific occasions such as weddings etc. This of course be with a perfect understanding of your image and personality.

This service would attend to your needs regarding special clothing, these could be for music videos, theatre productions, movie productions, cinema and/or as the case may be. Here we will work with you to portray the image you desire in/out of character.

For our clients who are involved in fashion shows and pageants, we can provide a blanket service which would range from providing models to choreographing the runway. We can also work with designers to assemble outfits. This would include clothing, shoes and accessories for the models or contestants. We would also mange hairstyling and makeup for the show.